Upper Extremity Pain

Upper Extremity Pain – Arm, Wrist, and Hand: Regain Better Quality Of Life with Renovaire

Extremity pains might seem daunting with no definite solution. But these are common problems most patients come to us with since modern-day difficulties manifest themselves as extreme pains in the body.

Over the years, we have learned to look and target the source of pain for quick relief. In many cases, pain in the arms, legs, hands, and feet may be rooted in your spine. A nerve in the back can get irritated, traveling to the farthest extent. So, the sure-shot way to ease your discomfort, in this case, may be to decompress the nerve and eliminate the pain.

Besides, there can be a number of reasons why your muscles, bones, or nerves might tighten and hurt. At Renovaire Pain Care, our goal is to restore your weakened or compromised structures for them to work together as they should. Want to know more? Keep reading what our experts have to say about extremity pains and their treatment.

Extremity Definition

You may ask, what are extremities? These are anything outside the center of your body having joints within them, such as your arm having shoulder, elbow, and wrist. The health of your extremities is crucial, or it can keep you from doing even daily activities. You would always want to ensure these remain in tip-top condition so you can keep up with your routine.

Extremity Pain Overview

Common extremity pains include arthritis, bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, muscle strain, plantar fasciitis, runner’s knee, sciatica, tendonitis, and tennis elbow. Pain in your extremities or the arms, legs, hands, and feet can impact a single limb or several areas around. The causes might include:

  • Daily wear and tear
  • Emotional or mechanical stress
  • Wrong form or position
  • Trauma
  • Infections
  • Diseases
  • Overuse/ improper use
  • Extremely active lifestyle
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Poor nutritional intake

Some people observe pain confined to a single side in the body, while others might have consistent pains in their lower or upper extremities. For some, the pain can progress slowly and eventually get worse. If there is shooting pain or loss of sensation, it is crucial to speak to a Renovaire expert as it could be an underlying health concern requiring urgent care.

Upper Extremity Pain – Arm, Wrist, and Hand

Your upper extremities include arms, wrist, and hands. Most upper extremity pains arise out of overuse or injuries. Symptoms might take time to show up and lead to soreness, tingling sensation, numbness, headaches, stiffness, joint pain all over, and decreasing functioning.


Extremity pains can be diagnosed by testing your motion range and examining sore areas. Our specialist might also request X-rays or MRIs to inspect the pain source closely. Depending on individual cases, a blood or urine test might also be necessary to rule out conditions unrelated to extremities.

Maintaining Body Mechanics

Let us start with the foundation of your body. Ensure you are wearing comfortable and quality sole footwear most of the time. Orthotics work best for those with muscle, ligament, joint, or bone discomforts. These are any day better than generic shoe inserts to support the problem spots in your feet. Excellent support to your feet minimizes the stress on your ankles, knees, hips, and spine. Also, it helps if you keep moving, especially when you have a sedentary lifestyle. Keep changing positions every 20 to 30 minutes. Maintain proper posture, no slouching, and stretch a bit too – you don’t want your joints to get stiff and in pain, right?

If you feel persistent discomforts, see a Renovaire specialist so you do not encounter any significant problems in the future. When your joints are functioning optimally, it helps with your blood flow and loosens the stiffness of your ligaments and muscles. The whole idea is to keep inflammations away and strengthen your joints to maximize their healing abilities.

Managing Extremity Pains

If you have any symptoms of extremity pains in your legs, feet, hands, knees, back, or arms, reach out to Renovaire Pain Care today.

At Renovaire Pain Care, we are a leader in pain relief practices, offering Katy patients the personalized care they deserve. Our extremity pain treatment plans are designed to improve functionality and provide relief from extreme discomforts.

Most extremity pain treatments involve minimally invasive options. However, we focus our practice on drug-free, non-invasive therapies along with diet and lifestyle changes.

For better professional assistance, contact our pain management specialists at 281-768-4122. You can also write to us at to schedule a consultation. We will help you get on your way to living a pain-free life once again.