Chronic Pain

Pain Management Options for Chronic Pain

Tired of taking over-the-counter pain medications and hearing doctors say there is no cure to chronic pain? To your surprise, you aren’t alone. Chronic pain impacts more than 50 million Americans every year, i.e., close to 20 percent of the entire U.S. population. Globally, the figures are estimated at 1.5 billion, with most adults suffering from severe chronic pain due to increasing age and poor lifestyle habits.

At Renovaire Pain Care, we consider chronic pain as a disease with consequences and treatments. Regardless of the type of chronic pain you experience, it impacts the decision-making at every step to recovery. Thus, we always suggest working with a pain management specialist who can understand and accommodate your unique needs. If you are looking for a pain medicine specialist, Dr. Arturo Sobarzo at Renovaire Pain Care provides new chronic pain treatment and can help get your life back on track. But before moving further, let us discuss the different specifics of chronic pain.

What Does Chronic Pain Do To A Person?

Chronic pain impacts nearly every facet of your life, and it associates with anxiety, depression, sleep disturbances, mobility restriction, and reduced overall quality of life. Chronic pain is an invisible illness that takes a toll on your physical, emotional, and mental self.

Depending on the severity, the problem can interfere with your routine, keeping you from doing things you love, want to, or need to. The different types of chronic pain include, but aren’t limited to, the following:

  • Arthritis
  • Back pain
  • Cancer
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Headaches
  • Nerve pain

You get irritable, feel wiped out, and lose interest in sexual activities. Your social circle might decrease, work productivity could reduce, and taking care of yourself can feel challenging. Mood swings, fatigue, weakness, not feeling hungry, and lacking energy are a few more chronic pain symptoms.

All in all, you can have a hard time reducing chronic pain and adjusting to it, and your everyday life suffers as the symptoms start controlling your physical conditioning.

Our doctors that deal with chronic pain know how to help chronic pain patients with the physical and emotional aspects of pain. We know that pain becomes a never-ending cycle. We understand this cycle and want you to enjoy life which is why our team has sought out the most advanced diagnostic testing tools and pain management options for chronic pain.

But, What Makes You Feel The Pain?

Chronic pain, or the pain that outlasts over six months in any part of the body, can arise for many reasons. Usually, chronic pain causes include:

  • Back problems
  • Nerve damage
  • Muscle tear
  • Past injury or surgery
  • Underlying health condition
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Poor lifestyle choices

So when you injure yourself, for example, the pain sensors zip through your nervous system in the form of electrical signals reaching your brain. Your brain processes those indications to send back a message and make you feel distressed or in pain. Once those signals are interrupted (with pain management therapies, exercises, and medications), your body repairs and the discomfort alleviates.

Usually, it starts with acute pain, a sudden and sharp discomfort lasting less than a few months. This type of pain is primarily specific, temporary, and mild. But it acts as a warning sign that your well-being is compromised. Undiagnosed and unaddressed acute pains eventually become an emergency and lead to long-developing severe chronic pain.

When to Consult a Pain Management Specialist? Pain Management for Chronic Pain.

Battling chronic pain is tough because it’s hard to diagnose, often misdiagnosed, and also different for everyone. Pain symptoms can be negligible to mild and severe. However, when you feel any or all of the chronic pain symptoms, including throbbing pain, burning sensation, soreness, stiffness, and restricted mobility, it is time to see an expert. The signs can indicate different types of pain, but it is best to seek specialist assistance so you receive the required care.

Reducing chronic pain is necessary, but so is proper diagnosis. Renovaire experts provide new chronic pain treatment and can help you learn to control the pain instead of allowing it to take over your life. Give us a call today and discuss your pain relief options.

Ease the Burden – Look to Professionals for Help

Chronic pain reduces your ability to live life to the fullest extent. Therefore, knowing about pain management for chronic pain and chronic pain treatment relevant to you is essential. Renovaire Pain Care physicians help chronic pain patients maintain a lifestyle they deserve without hindering the things they love doing.

If you are battling chronic pain, we offer trustworthy, drug-free, non-invasive treatments for chronic pain and challenging conditions. Our treatment program helps repair the damage, reduce discomfort, and restore your body’s functioning.

Please don’t fret; we provide new chronic pain treatment that is FDA Cleared & Medicare Approved care to the residents in Katy, Texas. If you see little to no pain relief with modern medicine or you have lost years to this life-altering condition, call us on 281-768-4122 and schedule your appointment, reducing chronic pain and feel the Renovaire difference.